NYCC - Friday, mini-post and recap.

Yesterday was a blast at NYCC. It was great to see the place booming with activity in light of a stressed out economy. With Saturday passes and weekend passes sold out, that is a real sign that the comics industry is hanging in there.

Activity at the Titan Books booth was intense all morning during the professionals-only hours, then grew when the con opened to the general public. An early highlight for me was that I met George Perez, just a quick handshake but I'm a big fan. George is a legendary comics artist for anyone not in the know - and a really nice guy.

One thing that was surprisingly cool, aside from all the interest in Titan's various Watchmen books was the response to their Cream of Tank Girl book - released in October of 2008, some fans hadn't yet seen this and it's been flying off the table. I'm sure we'll be out of stock by the end of the show. I've captured a few fans as they purchased books [sorry gals, I didn't get any names but thanks for the photos]. Fotini and I are huge fans as well, & it's a beautiful book.

More to come tonight or tomorrow, I need to get ready for today at the show.


vu said...

You should put a contact page or list your email address, I just had a quick question that really shouldn't be addressed here in public :/

Jayf said...

If you click the "view my complete profile" on the right on the main page, there is an "EMAIL" me thing to click. Feel free to email me with a question or comment (and to tell me who you are :-)

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