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Attended Cory Doctorow MEETS DJ Spooky: A CBLDF Benefit Mashup

What can I say about the two creators who met last night to talk about things WAY over my head? It was mind-blowing. Both Cory Doctorow and Sir DJ Spooky were two of the most-learned men I’ve ever listened to, throwing around references on just about everything from the German music scene circa 1920 to governmental initiatives that I didn't even know existed. I was quite-literally blown away by their collective creative output and their top-notch computer-savvy knowledge.

Attending with good friend and co-creator of the small press comic DIVISION 18, Matt Bergin was my co-pilot for this strange trip. We were in awe of the accomplishments of these two seemingly young men: Doctorow being the former European director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and DJ Spooky able to negotiate with the Greek government to be allowed to play a remixed version of a controversial film at the Parthenon - amply modified with speakers to his liking of course.How do they do it?
All of this was wort…

Attended Jeff Somers reading at KGB Bar

Last night I attended a reading as part of the KGB Bar's Fantastic Fiction series by Orbit author Jeff Somers.
I met the author last year while attending World Fantasy Con in Saratoga last Fall. He was friendly and we chatted about Jae Lee cover art (something a comics fan like me couldn't miss). I grabbed the trade paperback copy of Electric Church and sadly threw it on my 'to be read' shelf where it sat for a while. Almost a year later, knowing this reading was coming up, I finally picked up the book and started reading it - and I'm really enjoying it. I was mad at myself for letting it sit around as this is the type of science fiction I could really get into. Here's a quick layout of the story.

In a future world where great wars, riots and a global unification has occurred leaving a huge gap between the very rich and the dirt poor, a street smart killer-for-hire survives by the seat of his pants. People's life spans don't last long in this harsh future…

Attended Clone Wars screening.

Last night I was invited to a screening of Star Wars: The Clone Wars by friend and current SFBC editor, Rome Quezada (thanks, man!). We arrived just in time as the green Lucasfilm logo was upon the big screen and quickly found two empty seats.

Then the action started and it didn't stop until the movie was over. Fun, fun, fun. I kept thinking about my two godsons and how much they would enjoy it (both being around four-years-old). There were Clone troopers, Separatist droids and of course Jedi battle it out scene after scene with the screen illuminated by bright blue and red blaster fire and good old light sabers.

The story is mainly of someone kidnapping Jabba the Hutt's son and each side trying to find and rescue him, realizing the importance of being in the Hutt's favor as they control the Outer Rim territories. There is also a sub-plot of young Anakin taking on a Padawan named Ahsoka. Their relationship is playful as the normally reckless Anakin shifts into the teacher po…

That's Crom...

I wanted to post a picture of one of the other exclusive action figures I picked up at SDCC, and it is the Conan: The Barbarian figure from Neca Toys. Soon Neca will be coming out with two statues in the likeness of Arnold from Conan: The Barbarian, and in honor of these two forthcoming releases, they decided to release a “bronzed” version of the “War Paint” Conan in action figure size. It is plastic, and the bronzing effect is pretty impressive. As a collector of action figures, I do wish he was a bit more articulate, ok, I mean playable, but this figure only moves at the wrist and his neck swivels. He belongs on a shelf.
[Edit. note, approp. movie line: "It belongs in a museum!"]
Anyway, this Conan figure was impossible to resist being a fantasy fan, as well as a kid who grew up watching the original Conan: The Barbarian movie over and over again. The opening scene of the sword being forged as well as the attack on the village is still one of my favorite film opening scenes.…