My Book Expo (BEA) Experience with Comics of course!

I will be writing more about my one-day at Book Expo this week at the Javits Center in NYC. But here's a quick bit about one of the books I picked up.

At the IDW booth, I grabbed the "Exclusive BEA Preview" copy of The Man with the Getaway Face (A prelude to The Outfit featuring Richard Stark's Parker adapted by Darwyn Cooke). Still trying to find a good image of the preview cover, but this cover to the right is what the actual book cover will look like when it debuts in July.

I just read it this morning, and it is terrific, a perfect bridge story between last year's Hunter graphic novel and the upcoming, The Outfit adaptation. The preview is over-sized, 8 x 12, and really shows off the beauty of Cooke's artwork and style.

I'll have more from my day at the show soon, but just wanted to update the blog (finally) and mention this great book. Keep your eyes peeled for it.

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