No Empire Lasts Forever

The PublishersLunch daily email reported today that major changes occurred at HarperCollins, and it seems change continues to be in the air, reminding me once again the delightful reprieve of Comic Con is over. For more details see the link.

Also Reed [the company responsible for both NY and San Diego Comic Con] announced that BEA [Book Expo America - the annual trade expo for the publishing industry] will be in New York through at least 2011. It will be shorter as well, with the floor open for two full days with preliminary special events and various conferences the day before the floor opens.

To some this may not be good news, but for this independent professional, that makes it a bit easier attend as well as find "patronage" for a weekend badge in exchange for some of my services or assistance. I realize this is little comfort for those smallish publishers who struggle affording a booth in the Javits Center. But New York is the publishing capital of the world and I've attended whenever it's been here.

It remains to be seen how this news will be received.

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