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Summer Reading

As June draws to a close, and the full-on heat of July is upon us, I enter into a few key summer reads that I wanted to share here.
First off is the newest from Stephen King and Hard Case Crime, the pulpy-good murder mystery, JOYLAND. Taking place in an amusement park in 1973 (a very good year), this book is building up the excitement as I begin to learn about this elusive killer who struck years ago, and some workers at the park feel is still adding a haunting element to the park that lingers in all the dark corners.
I haven't even gotten that far into the book and I am hooked. Oddly, I am attempting to procrastinate as I don't want the book to end, and I keep reading other books to prolong the joy (pun intended) of this read, perhaps even making it last all summer long. I like to torture myself like that. And this book is sure to thrill. 
One additional note is that this books is ONLY available as a trade paperback at $12.95, with NO digital version available (at this time anyw…