A Bloody Valentine.

Since my lady is out of the country at a family wedding, it looks like today after several hours spent with a rather large manuscript and red pencil [see - Valentine theme active], I will head over to the Isle of Staten and have dinner [translation = great outer borough pizza] with birth mother and female sibling.

Then after brainstorming & discussing details of the King calendar I'm working on with my greatest resource [said sister and absolute horror fan] we're off to see the newest Friday the 13th movie. We're just that kind of sick family. We want to spend this special day... with Jason.

Nightmares to come.

Sadly, some of the ad agency freelance work I had lined up dissipated. But that's quite alright as I have LOTS of reading to catch up on, essays to assign and write, and comics to pick up.

Happy bloody Valentine's Day to one and all!


Hagelrat said...

we are spending V day at home recovering from three days with my folks visiting. I love my mum but she can be a little tiring.

Jayf said...

Your plan sounds well deserved. Enjoy - thanks for your comment.

Anne-Marie Rutella said...

Guess what Jay? After dropping the rugrats off with my folks, Anthony & I grabbed some kidless brunch and went to spend Valentine's Day with Jason too. Cuz that's just how we roll lol.

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