DRIVEN by James Sallis -- a book review

Will they ever stop coming for him? 

That is the question on your mind as you start reading Driven, the follow up to author James Sallis' hit book, Drive, which was adapted into the acclaimed film of the same name in 2011 starring Ryan Gosling.

Sallis writes novels as I imagined an L.A.-based writer would. Reads like a screenplay, and at fewer than one hundred pages, it’s ready to be adapted. 

Reads tight—like a Helmet song, his text is tightly woven around a few repetitive chords, except the one-two punch of Sallis' novel comes in the form of the two-man teams continually sent to find the nameless Driver and take him down, a drifter who has caused too much trouble to let him walk away. The problem of course is that he’s always a step ahead keeps easily outclassing the goons. He needs answers before his luck runs out.

Hiding away under the hood of a car he’s rebuilding in an out of the way garage will only get Driver so far, and he has to decide who to befriend and who to trust as it becomes quite clear that anyone who gets in his path is in danger.

Simply, a fast-paced story about a loner trying to survive, turn the corner and start a new life. All that was missing was the white, bloodstained, scorpion-emblazoned jacket from the film that that he wore throughout no matter how nasty things went down. That was cool.

Editorial note:
This is the same review I put up on goodreads. Note that I did not give it a starred rating on goodreads as I think that star system is flawed (and I'm not likely to give star ratings going forward, still mulling over this). I think it's more important for people to read what others have to say about a book than judge by stars only. This is my own personal opinion. Thank you.

2nd editorial note: 
I thought it worth mentioning that I bought this digitally and read it in iBooks on the ipad. I was not given this book to review, I paid for it the regular way. I think format is important and it was worth mentioning. I'm currently reading a print hardcover book (or 3). Good day~

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