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A Good Wednesday

It’s been a long time since I’ve been psyched for a Wednesday. But today I am psyched. First off, I’m heading to Midtown Comics which I haven’t been to in several weeks. Now that may not seem strange at first glance, but I’m a guy who has been a regular at Midtown since it opened, and a regular Wednesday comic book buyer since about twelve-years-old. Now sure, there were some lapses and breaks over the years. But no flat-out hiatuses, I’ve always been a comic book reader. This week I’m excited to get back to the shop and meet my good buddy for lunch afterward. Comics and lunch, it doesn’t get any better.

The one highlight of the week [which I sadly can't afford at this moment] is the ABSOLUTE RONIN Hardcover by Frank Miller (DC Comics)
[Above is original trade paperback cover art - by Miller]

I loved this book when it first came out, mixing samurai legend and a science fiction-like jump to a future time; it's a tale about second chances and vengeance. Written and drawn by Frank…

Kim Deitch: a retrospective Opening Reception at MoCCA

I volunteered last Friday night at MoCCA (that's the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art) at the opening reception for a new exhibit focusing on legendary independent artist (and all around nice guy) Kim Deitch. MoCCA had recently renovated their museum space, and the studio looked incredible. Somehow, I was unable to snap a picture of the esteemed artist with my sad little cell phone camera [this photo of the artist was found via a google search] but I did capture some of the ambiance of the event when able as you'll see below.

Deitch was born into an animation family, the son of animator Gene Deitch. His early work in the underground comix movement of the 1960s solidified his place among the indy comics elite and he has worked non-stop ever since. The MoCCA exhibit, a Kim Deitch retrospective, features samples his art from over the years and it is an excellent collection of his work.
At first some friends, fans and other curious folk appeared and took in the original art, sketche…

a day to remember

I drove to Astoria Park today, walked around for a bit, then sat under a shady tree to read and write a little. It was a beautiful afternoon, and I listened to the sounds of the city off in the distance as I read some of The Road, and did some research for a new book I'll be editing. An occasional jogger went by, as did the occasional motorcycle or truck in the distance, and even a boat or two passing beneath the Hell Gate Bridge.

I found the perfect shady spot, not far from where I propsed to my wife, nearly two years ago. I sat in the shade of a tree that had roots which made a natural seat on the ground. It was nice to have a peaceful afternoon, at a special locale, on an important day that generally makes me very sad. I think I just found my new favorite spot for the Fall.

It’s Hard to Watch

It is painful to watch my team loose like this. Yes, my team. I’ve been watching the Raiders, especially on Monday Night Football, for as far as I can remember. Late nights in high school, where my dad would let me stay up late to see if the Raiders could pull off a comeback, like they did back then against Denver when down 24 – 0. It feels like I’m in high school once again. Too many young players and lots of mistakes being made.

Even worse, it’s tough to listen to it all. Once the announcers get on one side of the game it’s just bla, bla, bla. Eddie Royal, a rookie from West Virginia is having the game of his life and listening to the announcers talk about him like he’s god’s gift…brings be back – yet again – to how the announcers used to talk about John Elway. If I had a nickel…

And I like the Mike & Mike guys, especially with Coach Ditka as the 3rd Mike in the booth. But didn’t anyone brief them that you don’t TALK OVER the officials when they’re calling a penalty. It’s like the…

As I continue with my networking assault...

I make lots of lists. Lists of people to contact, people to check in with, and odd contacts not heard from in a while. I'm all about lists. So as September has arrived and I look ahead this Fall, I am doing my best as a humble freelancer, to stay in touch with the many publishing contacts I've made over the years.

At the same time a good friend of mine, and hot new author, Peter Brett is in the UK for the launch of his new fantasy novel, The Painted Man. Check out his blog for details about his the visit to the HarperCollins UK office, his book store signing, and all that. I wish I was there with him, as it is all very exciting to experience this with him as a friend and publishing professional. I'm very proud.

"Damn, it's a very exciting time."