Bloody Clever. My review of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

How else can I describe this novel from literary mash-up author sensation, Seth Grahame-Smith?
Bloody clever.

I had seen all the hubbub about his New York Times bestselling, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and knew that he was approaching things a bit differently. He was creating a hot new trend.

I made a request for a bound galley, through one of my trusted literary source connections and it arrived a few days later, in a package--just like how a bunch of secret diaries appear at the beginning of the novel, filled with secrets.

So there is my disclaimer: I was sent this book, via a publishing connection, for free. I intended to review it here from the get go.

I began reading ALVH with trepidation, knowing full-well that people were going to get axed. After all, that is how Abe developed that lean physique, splitting wood in the yard all the while teaching himself to read and write and building up that wicked smart mind. 

He was a force to be reckoned with. And with the same conviction he used later in his political life, his speeches, and in office, he also used when he swore to slay every vampire in America.

Through periodic secret diary entries, posted sporadically throughout the text along side clips of his actual historical writings, through the narrator, a character given a bunch of ancient journals by a mysterious figure at the very beginning of the book, we learn this secret history.

And it is a bloody good time. Judging by this image on the back of the bound galley (or advance reader copy, ARC) that I was given, heads do roll. I'm not even sure if the published edition has same image on the back (I'll check when I visit B&N tomorrow). 

I thought the writer did a great job of mixing historical events, writings, persons, and overall history with his vampire story. It was a fun read, with many historical cameos along the way, including one literary cameo I was delighted to see (we can talk after you read it). 

I can see why this book has drawn the attention of Tim Burton for possible adaptation for the big screen. I'll certainly keep an eye on that.

I wish I could say more, but I don't want to spoil a fun read. I don't normally pick up horror novels, but this one seemed like it was too much fun to pass up. I recommend it to vampire fans and historical fiction fans alike.

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Kerry said...

Sounds awesome! Can't wait to read it.

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