Review: THE BORROWER by Rebecca Makkai

How to write a quick & quirky review of The Borrower:

1. Say that reading this book is like going on an adventure.

2. Actually go on an adventure, where you take the path less traveled

3. Eat a lot of junk food along the way, but remember to keep hydrated.

4. Observe all that you see on this journey. Take notes & definitely keep receipts (you may need them later on).

5. Find a charming, well-read, but potentially troubled young boy and pledge to look out for his well-being.

6. Get in way over your head.

7. While on this journey, question everything, every bad decision ever made, your chosen life path, and exactly how you wound up where you are today.

8. Mention that the author, Rebecca Makkai, is a charmingly witty and engaging writer. Say how you were pleasantly surprised at how much you liked this book (she drops literary classics allusions like Tarantino references pulp films).

9. End by saying that you were given a copy of this book at work, that is if you work at DK Publishing, part of the Penguin Group, like I do.

10. Make friends with a Russian.

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