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Always Starting, Never Finishing...

I have a serious issue, a byproduct of my former life as an editor for the Science Fiction Book Club (and other assorted clubs in my ten years there). I start more books than I finish. On average, I am reading approximately 4 or 5 different books, and only a small number of them will see completion. This is a result in having worked for years reviewing material all of the material being published within a specific genre and never finding the time to finish as many books as I'd like. I am not one of those people that read only one book at a time, not for as long as I can remember. 

This is a problem that plagues me to this day, in my newest form of publishing professional self: I am always reading a few things simultaneously. I don't always get to the end of each one.

I've accepted it, this is sort of how I work. I read manuscripts for evaluation as freelance work, I occasionally bring home a mss from work at DK to better familiarize myself with the material for my job in sal…