Always Starting, Never Finishing...

I have a serious issue, a byproduct of my former life as an editor for the Science Fiction Book Club (and other assorted clubs in my ten years there). I start more books than I finish. On average, I am reading approximately 4 or 5 different books, and only a small number of them will see completion. This is a result in having worked for years reviewing material all of the material being published within a specific genre and never finding the time to finish as many books as I'd like. I am not one of those people that read only one book at a time, not for as long as I can remember. 

This is a problem that plagues me to this day, in my newest form of publishing professional self: I am always reading a few things simultaneously. I don't always get to the end of each one.

I've accepted it, this is sort of how I work. I read manuscripts for evaluation as freelance work, I occasionally bring home a mss from work at DK to better familiarize myself with the material for my job in sales, and I also read lots of different things for pleasure. Too much material, not nearly as much time.

So, where am I now with things? Let's take a look at a few things I'm reading. 

I was recently contacted by an editor at Black Hill Press, the savvy & geeky @ashleyeheaton, asking me review one of their new novellas, Sci-Fidelity by Alex Sargent and I'm enjoying the journey of protagonist, Ryan, whose obsession with classic pulpy sci-fi influences his own writing, as he explores the minefields of dating, maintaining friendships and his mundane, soulless job.

The press is a short form publishing collective, "founded on collaboration," as the front matter reads, that celebrates the all-too difficult to sell novella. I say bravo to them. The book also has striking jacket art, credited to Matthew Woodson.

I've also just started reading Cain's Blood by Geoffrey Girard from Touchstone. When I heard about the premise of the government cloning the DNA of a bevy of serial killers in order to create a new weapon... I couldn't wait to jump in--as I imagine that idea can only go wrong. Stay tuned on this one.

I'll write again soon with more of what I'm reading, or I won't but I hope to write more regularly. I've installed the Blogger app on my phone, perhaps this will help with the frequency.

This blog is personal and any topics, books or whatever other nonsense is written about is at the sole discretion of me, myself & I. Enjoy at your own risk and thanks for stopping by.

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