My Boba Fett Collection or, well, most of it

I've been a collector of Star Wars toys my entire life. Back in the 70s when I was a little kid in Brooklyn I remember playing with the original Death Star Playset. When one of the pieces broke, I remember scotch-taping a Lincoln Log to repair a broken part of the playset.

Over time I've began to focus my collecting. It was after meeting this guy Ray who loved the design of Star Wars & especially the Empire, and he made me realize you don't have to buy every single Star Wars toy to be a fan... just your favorites.
At that point, I decided to start focusing (somewhat) my collecting. I began with Boba Fett. I sought almost every version of Boba Fett released, including a San Diego Comic Con Star Wars exclusive signed by Fett actor Jeremy Bulloch himself [meeting him is a highlight from my convention going life-not pictured coincidentally, still packed away somewhere]. I've always been a fan of the Empire, the bad guys, the Imperial Fleet, Stormtroopers, AT-AT drivers, etc.
But I love the Bounty Hunters. And Fett was ‘the boss and the hitman’ [if I may use a line from a favorite Clutch song]. Initially I was going to take individual pictures of each Boba Fett figure that I have, then I felt that would be TOO LONG. So here is a group shot of what I could locate quickly. And on the right, is the back cover of the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary, I flipped it around because the back featured LEGO Boba. [The other book is a great pop-up book I found a while back featuring Mr. Fett as well].

I set up a Fett collage of all my figures, and even found a case of Star Wars trading cards where I kept all of the Fett ones separate. I think it makes for quite a cool collection. I even allowed the new special edition Luke from the new book to hang out for the portrait [left corner of pic].
And what I realized is that sometimes if you’re a collector of things, be they books, comics, toys, or all three [like me] it is fun to pick a theme within a theme and run with it. That lets you focus your collecting power and once you showcase all the stuff together, it makes for a pretty cool collection. In this case, one Boba Fett.

Then I realized, to my dismay, that I did’t have a LEGO Boba Fett. Although I found in my collection a LEGO Jango Fett, part of a LEGO pen my wife had gotten me. So at least one LEGO Fett down. And now I’m on a mission. That’s right, I’ve put a bounty on a LEGO Fett. [Below picture is Jango talking to the new LEGO Luke, apologies for bluriness]. For AMAZING LEGO photos check out the LEGO a day blog, part of the 10.10.09 Blog team. His site is awesome.

And I will get my man, whether that is frozen in carbonite, or as a LEGO.

Also, let's not forget 10.10.09 – the launch of the LEGO Star Wars The Visual Dictionary.

And if you haven't posted a comment on my last blog with the GIVEAWAY about your favorite Star Wars character, get to it. There are a bunch of great comments but I'd love to hear more and you might win some cool prizes... wich may include unopened figures from my personal Star Wars collection, in addition to the great items provided by DK Publishing.

Oh, and don't get me started on my Imperial Army collection... for another time.

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Saturday Morning Central said...

I'm jealous, that's an awesome collection!

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