10-10-09 LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary launch successful.

Hi all. The book launch event for the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary today was a blast. I'll write a full review soon, but here are a few pics from the Boomerang toy store in Tribeca to hold you over. Monday I'll be picking GIVEAWAY winners as well - stay tuned!

First is the lovely salesperson who set up table featuring the LEGO book. Two stormtroopers and a biker scout were on hand, and Boba Fett himself, greeted the little ones in honor of the release of the book. I'll include links to the store (Boomerang) and the men in costume as well in the next post. Their uniforms looked great.

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Mario P said...

Looks like that Biker Scout should lay off the Krispy Kremes

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