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LEGO® STAR WARS The Visual Dictionary 10.10.09 Launch!

Take the simple joy of LEGO brick building and pair it with Star Wars action figures and playsets, and wham! – LEGO STAR WARS! Being a life-long Star Wars fan, collector, reader, lover (it’s true) it was a treat when I was asked to blog about the DK Publishing launch event for the exciting new book: LEGO® STAR WARS The Visual Dictionary.
On 10.10.09 DK Publishing will coordinate a nation-wide in-store launch event for this exciting new book featuring LEGO Star Wars. See all event details [here].

Also follow them on Twitter - @DKPublishing
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But I’m getting ahead of myself, because if you’ve read this far, you’re in for a treat… my first STAR WARS GIVEAWAY! That’s right, the good folks at DK Publishing, have generously provided me – in relation to the promotion of the LEGO STAR WARS The Visual Dictionary – with a bunch of Star Wars loot that I can give away here on my blog, to my loyal & hopefully new readers. [Please note this blog giveaway is not affiliated with the in-store events on 10.10.09, each store will have it's own event, prizes, etc. I'm only attending as a fan to snap a few pics and be part of the blog team covering the event.]

My blog GIVEAWAY details are: I’ve decided to make the first giveaway on Bookrastination quite simple. Post a comment to this blog post and tell me: “Who your favorite Star Wars character is and why?” Just a few quick sentences will do the trick, and I’ll pick a few a of my favorites and a random bunch will win prizes. [All comments for this GIVEAWAY must be posted and received by (correction):10/12/09 to be considered for prizes.]

It’s simple. Post a comment. Talk about Star Wars. Who doesn’t like talking about Star Wars? And maybe win some neat prizes. Parents, feel free to help post with your little ones [ewok, jawa, or droid] – just be sure to share any [potential] prizes with them!

PRIZE DETAILS: Aside from some assorted goodies I’ve been sent in the “exclusive event kit” to giveaway, which include: 1 copy of the new book, a few t-shirts, sticker sheets, buttons, and collectable post card packs.

DK Publishing has also assembled four additional prize packs that they will send directly to the winners [I’ll coordinate that for you lucky few] those details are: One (1) Mega Pack includes: (1) copy LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary; (1) 10/10/09 T-Shirt; (1) Postcard pack from San Diego Comic Con; (1) Darth Vader Minifigure. Three (3) Mini Packs, each mini pack includes: (1) copy LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary; (1) 10/10/09 T-Shirt.

Good luck!

The LEGO® STAR WARS The Visual Dictionary shares so many details & descriptive visuals for fans of all ages using amazing photos of LEGO Star Wars figures, playsets, and vehicles.
Bonus: The book has flip-action corners so when you fan through the pages, it makes little moving pictures. I kid you not, this book is fun. Check out some sample spreads.

What an amazing Death Star LEGO set, and I love the variations on the Hoth Rebel Soldiers below. [I'll be hearing he Imperial Probe Droid in my head all day now...]

See the 10.10.09 DK Publishing book site, for more details where you could win a Nintendo Wii as well as a see list of stores participating in the launch event in your area. I plan to stop by the day’s events at the Boomerang toy store in Manhattan. I’ll be attending this as a guest, and part of the blog team, only there to enjoy and report back on some of the fun. I will not be giving away anything at the store events, simply there as a reporting blogger. Oh, but I'm sure the participating stores will have plenty of goodies on hand to give out to Legions of the Empire, I mean, adoring fans of all-things LEGO Star Wars.

Next post Thursday: Tales of a Bounty Hunter Toy Collection.

Then my Launch Event Post [Saturday]: Pics and highlights from the in-store launch event!


Grand Moff Tarkin, by far. Sigh-did he have to be killed off in Star Wars? So gaunt, so pointy-nosed, so classy, so evil..."Charming,to the last..."
Anne-Marie Rutella said…
Awesome, Jay! Of course my favorite as an adult is Yoda for his wisdom. As a kid it was of course Princess Leia, but I think I will go with Yoda now. "Do or Do Not. There Is No Try." I say that all the time lol. I'll ask the kids later =)
The Lab Jester said…
Legos and Star Wars are a killer combo! I love the game for Wii too. My favourite character is Jabba the Hutt, because he is friggin' hilarious and grotesque. He's a Tatooine pimp! And, yes, I also like Pizza the Hut from Spaceballs.
Suemoe said…
Hands down the Ewoks. They weren't scary to me as a kid, but they still managed to kick butt. And they talked funny.
My boyfriend's son chose to be Darth Vadar for Halloween this year. This is all because of the lego Star Wars game. Sigh. I promise this child isn't evil.
Mike said…
The man in black, no not Johnny Cash, the other one.
Vader is the center of the entire Star Wars saga.
He is “the chosen one” that will restore balance to the force, more powerful than any Jedi in history.
He is the greatest hero, then the greatest villain, and back again.
Did you think he was going to let Luke and his lame ass power converters get all the glory?
The galaxy rests in his hands and if you cross him he can choke you out from across the room.
There is no Star Wars without Darth Vader.
Marci said…
My son likes Boba Fet, He likes him because he is a bounty hunter and he is cool. Awesome weapons and equipment, (his words) He is also on a team at his school building a robot for a First Lego League competition, how cool is that!
Jayf said…
Awesome comment Marci & everyone. Keep the great comments coming folks! (This comment by me doesn't qualify me to receive a prize. FYI)
Rich said…
There can be only one. The weird buns on the side of the head. The bikini. The big fat slug on the other end of the chain... I will say no more. Does this mean you are selling out Jay? To the (Lego) man ;-)
Kerry said…
Jay, this is awesome! I've always had sweet spot for C3PO... strange? Probably. But seriously, that sassy little robot keeps R2 in his place (R2 is very stuck up for a robot, after all). Plus, any robot that can be sassy without actually speaking a human language is pretty impressive.
Matt Bergin said…
Serious geek answer: Chewbacca. He's a badass giant, loyal to the end...and he has his own song. (What a wookie!)

But my favorite SW toy was--for some unknown reason--Hammerhead, the background extra in the New Hope Cantina who had, well, a hammer-shaped head. Since he had no character depth in the movie, I gave him an expanded backstory as a toy where he was super strong and could deflect lightsabers and lasers with his powerful snub-nosed mush.
PunkyMunky said…
My favorite is Obi-Wan, the consummate Jedi, the negotiator. He has some great lines and is just the ultimate Jedi. And lets be honest, Ewan Mcgregor is easy on the eyes. My daughters fav. is Grievous, she thinks he is so awesome (should I be worried about that???) Great giveaway!
catinanapron said…
this is from my 6 year old son who is a Lego and Starwars NUT:
"well, I like TWO. One from the dark side and one from the good side: General Grievous and Anakan."

and my 4 year old daughter who hasn't seen any of the movies because she is too young but hears her big brother talk about it 24/7, "Princess Amidala and Princess Leah!!"


Edward said…
From the expanded universe, Kir Kanos the Imperial Guard from "Crimson Empire" is one of my favorite characters. This was one of the first times the FULL imperial guard was revealed - which looks awesome. He's a guy on a mission. He's principled and determined to avenge is master. I love his character's drive, but the costume is really my favorite. In addition, the Imperial Knights from "SW:Legacy" with their white light sabers is a fav.

(Is it possible to request the T-shirt as a prize if I win per chance?)
Surfer said…
R2-D2! No one else has the tenacity, spunkiness, creativity, and plain old *charisma* like the white barrel on wheels (or wheeled legs, that is). I like him so much that I have a LEGO R2-D2 hanging on my keychain, which goes with me everywhere. I get appreciative comments about him all the time!
Joshua said…
I love C-3P0. Because he can talk in so many different languages.
Kelly Sinanis said…
Hi! I'm writing on behalf of my 4.5 year old son Paul. He loves all Star Wars characters and his favorites change daily. (That's why we STILL have not decided on a Halloween costume.) On this particular day, his favorite Star Wars character is...(drumroll, please...Boba Fett. The reasoning behind this pick is "because he has a jet pack and he zooms off into the sky." And "he also fell in the sarlacc pit. That's pretty cool." There you have it.
Kelly Sinanis said…
Oh, and by the way, my e-mail address is: But you coul've gotten it from Fo, too. Thanks!
PTUT said…
Jay, 1st off thanks for the information on LEGO® STAR WARS The Visual Dictionary - I am all over that for my nephews Christmas present.

As for my fondest memory or characters from Star Wars. I will say memory is my favorite is my Dad taking me out of school early in 1983 to go see Jedi on the Rae Twin on Hylan Blvd.

In terms of characters, i have to go with the modern day Judas, Lando Calrissian. He borught Colt 45's to the universe and he ran Cloud City, how cool is that!!!!

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