Steal Away

Sometimes, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, even with loads of work to do on the computer, it still feels good to escape for a quick bike ride to the park.

I know I'll be back home soon, where the work will be waiting for me. But for this guy, ever since as far back as I can remember, there is nothing more therapeutic, like the sound of the freewheel as I ride in the afternoon breeze. Easy breezy.

Back indoors now. Doing my "homework," I feel like I'm 13 again...


PTUT said...

Maybe you come back to the Rock and we hit High Rock or Crooks Point and enlighten your readers to the many riding adventures of Shaolin.

PS. Followed by a Pitcher and a Pie at the one and only Lee's

Jayf said...

My old friend and riding buddy, that sounds like a perfect day. Let's find a weekend. Thanks for checking out the blog.