Out today from Titan Books (the wonderful folks I volunteered for at this year's NYCC) is an amazing new book: The Best of Simon and Kirby. I was privy to the page proofs at this past New York Comic Con as my former boss from my Marvel intern days, Steve Saffel, had them to show fans.

Of course the real highlight was having an appearance by comics legend Joe Simon, as well as the beautiful limited edition lithographs that Joe signed over the course of the con weekend.
The oversized pages and expertly restored artwork make this book quite a gem! I'll be picking up my copy when I hit the comic shop tomorrow, that's for sure.

[4.23.09: Edit note: made a few corrections here] Featuring the work of dream team of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, and edited by Steve Saffel (former Marvel Comics editor and author of SPIDER-MAN: ICON), art restoration by Harry Mendryk, with an introduction by Joe Simon, and essays by Mark Evanier (author of 2007's KIRBY: King of Comics), this beautiful book is a treasure for any comic book fan, and contains material selected by Joe, himself.

Some of the pages sent out are just too good not to include here, although I'll admit posting them doesn't do them the justice they deserve. The color pops on the actual pages, and you'll be amazed at the reproduction, printing, and design of this book.

All types of material is included from the many years of collaboration between these two icons: superhero stories, horror, westerns, romance (see image below) as well as detective stories. It also includes work from their Marvel and DC days, including the early hit collaborations, Captain America and Boy Commandos.

This book is a testament to these legends of the field. The fact that Joe Simon still attends comics conventions, well into his 90s, just shows what a class act he is; he's a special guy. Join me in supporting this wonderful book--you won't be disappointed!

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