Quick hits from The Warded Launch Party

Last night in Brooklyn, at The Zombie Hut, I threw a small launch party for my friend, Peter Brett, in honor of the upcoming March 10th release of his new fantasy novel coming from Del Rey books, The Warded Man.

The cool folks at Del Rey were generous enough to donate a few books for me to give away at the event, and my lovely wife, Fotini, made awesome copper bookmarks stamped with the wards from the book.

I wanted to thank Joshua and Eddie, of Jabberwocky Agency, for helping me set up. I know how proud they are of their author... and I am too. And this was my first time throwing a book-related party of any kind. I was a bit nervous (who, me?)

The party scene filled out nicely. Family & friends of Pete, publishing industry people, and many who were involved with various parts of the book's development were in attendance. It was warm and cozy by the fireplace, and although some were tempted to throw the copper bookmarks into the fire and recreate the burning medallion scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark... we restrained ourselves.

A good time was had by all. I want to than all the friends who helped out in various ways. I also want to thank the Zombie Hut for hosting the party - they were awesome. And so was Savoia, who I got to cater the party (just two doors down from the Hut). The food was a hit.

It was really fun to throw this party, and I feel that we all need to stick together through these rough times and celebrate when and where we can.

FYI - I've also thrown up an album on facebook with a lot more photos. If you know me on there, check it out. And keep the Zombie drinks flowing. And, stay away from the demons... but when you can, fight the good fight!


Peat said...

It was a fantastic party, and you are awesome for throwing it.

I am going to use my Warded Man bookmark until the finish wears off the copper and it turns green.

And maybe even then.

Dave said...

Looked like a great evening! :-) Here's to The Warded Man, best-seller status, and a very, verrry long career as one of the best writers on the market! :-)

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