A Good Wednesday

It’s been a long time since I’ve been psyched for a Wednesday. But today I am psyched. First off, I’m heading to Midtown Comics which I haven’t been to in several weeks. Now that may not seem strange at first glance, but I’m a guy who has been a regular at Midtown since it opened, and a regular Wednesday comic book buyer since about twelve-years-old. Now sure, there were some lapses and breaks over the years. But no flat-out hiatuses, I’ve always been a comic book reader. This week I’m excited to get back to the shop and meet my good buddy for lunch afterward. Comics and lunch, it doesn’t get any better.

The one highlight of the week [which I sadly can't afford at this moment] is the ABSOLUTE RONIN Hardcover by Frank Miller (DC Comics)

[Above is original trade paperback cover art - by Miller]

I loved this book when it first came out, mixing samurai legend and a science fiction-like jump to a future time; it's a tale about second chances and vengeance. Written and drawn by Frank Miller - coming into his own, stylistically – it is an essential part of any comics collection!
It also looks to be another book that I lost after years of loaning out or giving away copies of my trades. I scanned my shelves – it is nowhere to be found. I can’t complain really, as a former graphic novel buyer for the SFBC, I used to get loads of samples, and I reveled in it. I also used to try to give away books to spread the good word of comics when I could. Alas, it'll have to be something saved up for because the sweet thing is the “Absolute” treatment of a Miller classic like Ronin. The oversized, massive hardcover will come with rarely seen promotional art, slick fold-out pages and even more special features.

So don't forget to hit your local comic shop, for special books like this or other great books. I have to get back to my Wednesday list. Joy.


Jeremy said...

Sad facts:

1. I haven't been to the comics store in like 6 weeks.

2. I've never read Ronin.

Jayf44 said...

Hey, it's never too late to grab a copy of Ronin [you don't have to get the Absolute edition]. I was just commenting on the really cool package they put together.

I wound up getting 3 comic book issues [including the new Flash Gordon, 1985 #5, and Back to Brooklyn #1] and two magazines.

Maybe I'll catch you there next week!

Peat said...

I have a copy of Ronin Jeremy can read. I would twist his arm, but I don't think I have to.

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