Attended WHAT A MAN SHOULD KNOW reading by Max Blagg at STRAND

I received an invite via email, sponsored by J.Crew’s new ‘The Liquor Store’ in Tribeca, for a reading by Max Blagg from his new book, What a Man Should Know – a J.Crew book.

The reading took place on the third floor of the STRAND bookstore on Broadway, a perfect locale; I couldn’t have picked a better place myself. This amazing room was filled with first editions, signed editions and had an old world aura that brought me back to another literary time…if only for a while.

Our illustrious J.Crew hosts served up free drinks and I was ecstatic to sample a Dark and Stormy, which I had recently been introduced to while on vacation in the Catskills with my wife recently. Perfect. All I needed was a cigar from Hemmingway, and to talk about big game hunting.

There were also charming appetizers and miniature mugs of beer to sample like the one in the picture below. And best of all, there were copies of the new book, for free, compliments of the illustrious hosts.

The author, a transplant from England to New York in the 1970s has been part of the NYC literary and arts scene for years. He read segments of the new book along with hilarious segments of another book he is working on, charming the crowd. He also graciously signed my copy and was quite appreciative in our quick exchange. A real gent.

His book contains little statements about what a [gentle]man should know, like how to tie a neck tie, how to fish properly, and of course how to talk to a woman. The book is available at the Tribeca J.Crew shop and as well as online.

The charming little book also contains complimentary black & white illustrations by British artist Hugo Guinness. They had a few samples blown up, decorating the room.

This was quite a nice event. Much nicer in fact than things I am used to. I felt well out of my league surrounded by both the literary elite and those from the fashion world whom were invited.

Alas, I was polite, I drank my drink, and then I was off. Now of course I can’t wait to get down to the new store in Tribeca and check it out.


katie said...

Sounds delightful and very adult. I am a little jealous of how sophisticated you are these days!

jimp said...

i've read the book the book .. in places I said to myself "that's no way to treat a lady". and i've just noticed your pic of the book with the tipple glass on it..now THAT is no way to treat a book.

Jayf44 said...

Ha. I was sure the glass was clean and quickly removed it after the photo was taken. There was no mark on the book (aside from the author's signature later on), the sign of a true collector.

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