a day to remember

I drove to Astoria Park today, walked around for a bit, then sat under a shady tree to read and write a little. It was a beautiful afternoon, and I listened to the sounds of the city off in the distance as I read some of The Road, and did some research for a new book I'll be editing. An occasional jogger went by, as did the occasional motorcycle or truck in the distance, and even a boat or two passing beneath the Hell Gate Bridge.

I found the perfect shady spot, not far from where I propsed to my wife, nearly two years ago. I sat in the shade of a tree that had roots which made a natural seat on the ground. It was nice to have a peaceful afternoon, at a special locale, on an important day that generally makes me very sad. I think I just found my new favorite spot for the Fall.


Roe said...

Great entry, Jay! Astoria Park is beautiful; I haven't been there in an age, but Mike and I took our wedding pictures there.

Are you reading The Road now? Mike loved it; I get too depressed reading McCarthy. I am almost done, though, with Max Brooks' World War Z and love it.

I've also got an e-book called August on the on-deck circle; it's by a guy named David Moody who had it available on his website; totally self-published kind of deal - and apparently, it's being made into a movie. It's a post-apocalyptic, zombie deal.

Take care!

Jayf44 said...


McCarthy is too depressing but you can read other apocalyptic (zombie) books and be alright with it? Hysterical.
I'm really enjoying The Road, almost done. World War Z is on my "to be read" shelf as well.
Thanks for your note!

Peat said...

Bask in being a babyless day person as long as you can...

eggplantia5 said...

Loved The Road - but yeah, depressing as hell. Also loved World War Z - unexpectedly depressing and funny at the same time.

Erik loves Astoria Park. I think he secretly resents me for taking him away from his beloved park. But he still gets over there for Ultimate frisbee on most Saturdays.

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