San Diego bound

To the few, the proud, who actually read this blog; ms Fo and I will be off to San Diego and the all encompassing Comic Con tomorrow. This will be my 9th or 10th comic con (I just can't remember) and it is sure to be bigger than ever. But no matter how big the show gets- and it is HUGE - it is always a good time, with friends of course, as well as and the best creators in the industry.

I'll do my best to blog/post/report in from the road on my trusty cell phone or on Stevzie II (thats my laptop's name). Stevzie II will be joining us in SD this year and he's very happy about that (I just know). I'm also glad to have my friends: Frank, Nancy, Jon, Joe & Jen joining us. It's going to be awesome. (Cue 'thumbs up' from some Biker Scouts)

I plan on bringing home some SDCC exclusive toys (and report about them) as well as attend as many comics/books/movies panels I can handle. Plus, I've always taken these kooky photos and have only tortured my closest friends with them (photos appearing in this post are from 2005 CC) and now will have a place to post them as if I was an actual comics reporter (although I did just get a small piece published in issue #3 of the COMICS FOUNDRY - an amazing new comics culture magazine - be sure to ask for it at fine comics retailers everywhere).

Note to friends: I will not be bringing home a "Devourer of Worlds" this year. You're all safe...for now anyway (he is brewing a master plan on my shelf, as we speak. I swear).

Anyway, I love the big show, even though it has grown into a massive multimedia event - almost out of control - as reported by the ever savvy Laura Hudson, in her comics reportage for Publishers Weekly, here.

With this in mind, I forge on, ready for the masses. Anyway, where else can worlds collide such as in this photo? (I leave you with this parting photo of baby Leias and wonder women).

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