And at the last hour

I write from the airport in San Diego. It would have been impossible for the trip to go off without a hitch, as just as we were seated on our plane to return to rainy New York, we were told we'd be getting back off of the plane because of a six hour delay. We had to get out our various carry-on items, and go back into the terminal until much later. So close...

Honestly, with so many other flights cancelled (and ours not guaranteed not to be cancelled - knocking on wood as I write) there is little I can do aside from read the Times and drink some more coffee and try to relax.

Last night ended with a tasty meal at the Harbor House resturant near the Hyatt with friends, some first-time SDCC initiates, all of us weary from long lines, but glad to have been part of the madess.

Ah, I just rec'd a text from Frank, my friend who is still walking the hallowed halls of the convention floor (his flight isn't until tomorrow), he mentioned discounts on some of the amazing Revoltech toys that I am a NEW fan of, so I asked him to pick me up a few (more) if he has the room for them. I try to remember how I worked this show before cell phones...I have no idea.

Either way, at some point today I'll be heading home where I can go through all the cool stuff I grabbed and write about it here.

Until next time...

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