Comic Con is insane

Hello friends, I write to you from the Hyatt, as I've had difficulties writing from my phone on-site. The con has been a blast. It's been crowded, crazy and fun.

As hectic as things have been, and they have been if you're a GI Joe fan, the show has been all about commerce. The one thing that I've come away with so far is that no matter where this country is right now in terms of a recession with all of us cutting back to save a dime here or there...at Comic Con - entertainment rules.

Booths have been jam-packed, and from what I hear from retailer friends, is that they've seen record sales so far. That is inspiring news considering how we've all had to pinch pennies this year. Fans love their comics, games, toys and movies/tv. And in this world of fandom it is easy to forget just how obsessive everyone gets and how much they want to embrace the things they love.

And I did eventually get my con exclusive Cobra Commander, Batman & Joker as well as Conan. And sure, I created a few new obsessions just walking the cramped aisles. Good times...just ask these guys. (see below). I will write more once I've sorted out my technical difficulties and also because I've taken more pictures and need somewhere to post them. Until next post...

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