My World Fantasy Con weekend, part I report

Well, I'm back from World Fantasy Con in Columbus, Ohio. I was bummed to miss last year's show in California, but glad to be back. Since I work full-time now, and have a child, getting to conventions is harder than ever, but this one is near and dear to my heart and I'm glad I made it back, to socialize with friends, fantasy publishing industry veterans, and new friends alike.

Being surrounded by so many passionate people left me inspired to find more related freelance editing work, and it also left me with something else... an updated pile of books and authors I have to read. Uh, it also left me severely dehydrated from all the time spent at the bar, but that is where most of the hanging out happens.

I did participate in my first WFC panel, The Art of the Mashup (along with veteran editors Jeff Connor and Jim Frenkel). It was fun to discuss the likes and dislikes, definitions and variations of this popular trend in publishing. Being one of the first panels of the convention, I was pleased with the turnout, the large room filled as people arrived for the weekend. Thanks to the WFC programming staff for letting me be a part of it!

Over the weekend I got a chance to see some folks I hadn't seen since the WFC in Calgary in 2008, like Tim Akers who I was pleased to hear his newest book comes out tomorrow, The Horns of Ruin (which I plan to pick up at lunch on the morrow). I did some copyediting work for Tim's first novel (Heart of Veridon) and am excited for this new series from Pyr.

I also got to meet the proprietors of Subterranean Press, makers of wonderful limited edition hardcovers, novellas, and other interesting projects (it was nice meeting you Bill & Tim). My friend, Peter V. Brett's novella, Brayan's Gold, comes out in limited edition printing in a few months. It's a wonderful new story set in the world of The Warded Man and The Desert Spear. I've read this book, it is great fun, an exciting adventure, and I think fantasy fans everywhere will enjoy it. I should note the beautiful cover was done by illustrator, Lauren K. Cannon. It was great to see her at the con as well.

There was lots more from the weekend, new people I met, other author's I'm excited to read about, and some bloggers worth linking to. I hope to cover the rest of it in a second blog post soon. Stay tuned. But I'll tell you, I have a lot of reading to do.

Congrats to all the winners of the World Fantasy Awards! i09 has the list of winners: here.

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Come now, we need more. Tell all. Do tell. Please?

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