Lazy Sunday morning blogging

I know Sunday morning isn't exactly a hotbed of blogging activity. But I am up, just fed little James, and he's playing while I check the Times book review section, and assorted other sites to see what's going on this early Sunday.

Rec'd a copy of The Dark End of the Street yesterday from the good folks at Bloomsbury. I think I received this as part of LibraryThing.com's Early Reader program, so I'll be sure to post my review on there as well as on here. I only just read the Introduction by mystery veteran S.J. Rozan, and will work my way through these noir stories of sex, crime, and, well, whatever else is in there.  

I'm also about half way through The Bloodstained Man, the Heavy Metal Pulp book I mentioned last time. It's fun so far, I hope to have a full report once I finish it.

Just a quick note, enjoy the day.

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