The books are piling up...but I'm getting there.

I never did get to that second WFC blog post, did I? Well, life rolls on. And I just returned from Barnes & Noble, in Bayside, where I was picking up some gifts and a few things for myself, of course.

That, and a few books that have come in the mail, and once again, I'm way behind on my reading. Here is what's on the immediate agenda for this reader.

First off I should mention that I'm reading, at the recommendation of my sister, who has taken on a role of a fantasy reader (a new love in addition to her thriller and horror roots), the Jim Butcher Codex Alera series. I purchased on my android phone using the B&N Nook app, and am almost done with book one, The Furies of Calderon. Good pacing, interesting magic system, and a world that is just starting to take shape for me.

And today's B&N purchase included British fantasy author, Joe Abercrombie, and his novel, The Blade Itself, which I've been meaning to pick up since I met the guy at NY Comic Con back in October. Well, I finally have copy in hand and am ready to take plunge. Additional details to come. There are only so many times you can hear from your friends, "Oh, Jay, you'd really like this guy, his stuff is right up your alley."

Next is an interesting near-future, sf thriller I was sent by UK author, John Trevillian, The A-Men. John had sent me a nice email as he saw my blog, and I mentioned I'd check out the book -- and at least mention it here -- so more on this is to come. This series by Trevillian looks promising and I look forward to digging in.

In my attempts to keep literary, I've read so much about Roberto Bolano's 2666, that I finally had to pick up the trade paperback so that I can read and share reading with my wife. When Mediabistro.com's ebooknewster blog put it up as their "free book of the day" and then immediately took it down, I had read a sample then felt obligated to purchase a copy out of respect for the deceased author (currently no digital version of the book is available). Also I was hooked once I started this mammoth and beautifully written novel. I will continue in print and report back much later when I finish it.

Alright, I've sort of updated you all on what I'm reading, and in addition to that I'm editing a wonderful World War II narrative non-fiction book, which I think is going to be really terrific, but that's all I can say about that right now. Stay tuned.


redhead said...

The Blade Itself is SO good! Be warned, it's gonna spoil you! Such a good book!

Jayf said...

Hi Red! Thanks for your note. I just checked out your blog, I like it, I'll be sure to add it to my blog roll. Thanks for stopping by!

Francis said...

Bolano's best, all you need to read, ignore the rash of post death book hype, 2666 is real deal.

Lunch soon...getting a new phone soon.

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