Off to Calgary and World Fantasy Con

I wanted to quickly chime in because bright and early tomorrow I’ll be heading to Calgary to attend my second World Fantasy Convention. I’m very excited as I’ve never been to Canada before and I really enjoyed WFC last year in Saratoga, and this year looks to be a great convention as well.

The WFC con last year was great, and not only because I was there trying to build interest for a new SF imprint I was developing at the time (which sadly didn’t pan out) but also because it is a professional convention and I’m still working my way up in this world. It seems there are so many people to meet and much to learn as I go.This convention is a great opportunity for me to see publishers, editors, writers and artists talk about their craft and experiences. I’ve met so many wonderful people over my years working in publishing and I’m glad to have finally begun attending WFC as I’ve been a lifetime reader, proponent, and book seller of fantasy fiction.

Also, I’m glad to be joining my good friend Peter Brett in this endeavor, as he is scheduled to have his first public reading at WFC, from his forthcoming book, The Warded Man (I might have mentioned it on this blog once or twice).

I plan to attempt some mobile blogging from the road, but we’ll see how all of that goes. I’ll report in personal highlights and tidbits of news as best I can. Please note that a large portion of this convention is experienced at the hotel bar talking shop and attempting to hold your own. I’ll do my best.

I look very much forward to finally visiting the homeland of Wolverine. And on that last note, the only book I plan to bring with me is a new copy of a collection I've been dying to read: WASTELANDS: Stories of the Apocalypse, edited by John Joseph Adams, whom I hope to meet while at WFC.

I'll be sure to post a review of the collection here, when I finish it up. As many of my close friends know I've got post-apocalyptic stories on my mind. Until next time!

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