On a snowy day

I’m glad I chose yesterday to trample through Manhattan and visit people as today would have been a much soggier choice. Although, I will not be missing a grand meal tonight with some college buddies (SJU) at one of my favorite places in nYc: Churrascaria Plataforma. I’ve been saving up for this meal… not snow, nor sleet, nor the dark of night can stop me.

Just last night I attended the intimate MoCCA holiday party at their gallery space on Broadway. It was a nice pot luck event and people brought all sorts of goodies for everyone to consume. Some of us brought booze and we toasted the holidays and the forthcoming year.

The party was fun and a good time was had by all. A long table was provided for those who wanted to show their personal art portfolios, and that was a nice holiday touch. And I know they have many exciting new things lined up for 2009. [below is the director of MoCCA, Karl Erickson, along with volunteer and MoCCA regular Oliver].

As the snow falls quite heavily today in the big city, I am nostalgic for days spent wandering around Manhattan at Christmas time, going back to my high school days.I’ll have to try to capture the snowy day later on when I go out, but here is yesterday’s snow-less photos of randomness.

Above is the view from Park Ave South of the big clock tower overlooking Madison Park. I was standing in the exact spot that Robin Williams gazed from atop a car in The Fisher King as he waited for Lydia (actress Amanda Plumber) to appear from the building where she worked.

A photo of some very cool railing work in front of an Italian resturant on 50th.

And lastly, Lasagna, an old favorite resturant of mine, that I wasn't sure was still around on the corner of 2nd Avenue. I haven't been in years, but it was good to see it's still there.

Happy holidays!

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