Dear Old Dad

Sure, yesterday was a tough day, and I don't have much to report on officially today. But I didn't want that to be my last post. So I'm writing again with a little aside, a small personal story about my family.

I found this picture and I thought I'd write about it. My father loved his horror movies. He loved a good scary film and interesting tv shows as well [like the X-Files, Highlander, and the like]. This is something my family always shared, a love of entertainment, good stories, horror, sf and fantasy. I have memories of watching Abbot and Costello with him on Saturday mornings at 11:00 A.M. [my favorite being the one when Wolfman fights Dracula fights Frankenstein].

He was also a big fan of little trinkets and doodads. He built little shelves in his workshop for tools, gadgets, etc. He also always ordered little trinkets through the mail, there were always little boxes and things, he was just a sucker for them. [I wonder which of us 3 children inherited that trait...hmmm].

Anyway, he once wrote this note to my sister as he gave her this Gargoyles [remember the cartoon?] watch as a little birthday present, and she kept it with the note as a momento. It was just like him to do something funny like this, and mind you my sister was in her mid-twenties at the time.

Whenever I am at her apartment I look at the watch, on a shelf, and smile. Just like every time I see a film or new show I knew he would have liked, I say, "Oh, dad would have loved that."

So here is this little photo and this memory of mine to share.


Nancy said...

Gargoyles was awesome! Great story Jay!

Peat said...

Protects against demons? Fantastic.

mindy said...

LOVED your dad... he was very funny.
great story!

Jayf44 said...

Thanks for the comments guys. And yes, Pete, this ancient relic might just stave off even the strongest corelings...

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