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I wanted to post a picture of one of the other exclusive action figures I picked up at SDCC, and it is the Conan: The Barbarian figure from Neca Toys. Soon Neca will be coming out with two statues in the likeness of Arnold from Conan: The Barbarian, and in honor of these two forthcoming releases, they decided to release a “bronzed” version of the “War Paint” Conan in action figure size. It is plastic, and the bronzing effect is pretty impressive. As a collector of action figures, I do wish he was a bit more articulate, ok, I mean playable, but this figure only moves at the wrist and his neck swivels. He belongs on a shelf.
[Edit. note, approp. movie line: "It belongs in a museum!"]

Anyway, this Conan figure was impossible to resist being a fantasy fan, as well as a kid who grew up watching the original Conan: The Barbarian movie over and over again. The opening scene of the sword being forged as well as the attack on the village is still one of my favorite film opening scenes...ever! I felt this figure deserved a place in the stuffy office of this sf&f editor [geek] along with all my other stuff [toys].

I also wanted to share mostly for my friends who weren’t able to make it out to San Diego. And I wanted to show this to a writer friend of mine, as I have an extra Conan figure, and I know he wants it. As we said, just yesterday, “there is always room for more Conan in my life.”

Here’s to remembering what is best in life:

“To crush your enemies, and see them driven before you. And to hear the lamentations of the women.” - Conan

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