Life in the Lower Levels... THE COURIER by Gerald Brandt

Jump on a motorbike with courier Kris Ballard in San Angeles, the multi-leveled California super-city of tomorrow where massive corporations control the upper levels and rule with an iron fist, pushing the poor down and far from the open sky.

Kris is a low level messenger that picks up a dubious end-of-shift delivery that puts her right in the middle of a murder-in-progress, making her wish she never picked up that package in the first place. Then she is in for the fight of her life. 

Set in an imaginative world where most people at the lower levels don't get to see sun or the night sky, THE COURIER is action-packed and moves in high gear. 

A welcome addition to the cyberpunk tradition; filled with tech-cities and ruthless corporations built within a complex multi-leveled super-city, Brandt kept me enthralled until the very last page. I'd like to see more from him. 

End game.

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