A D&D Giveaway from @theFranconian archives

Every now and then even a bookish fellow like myself needs to make room on my shelves. And where I still have many of my original Dungeons & Dragons manuals and modules, I also still have some samples that had been sent to me while an acquiring editor at the ol' SFBC. 

This set of three: Monster Manual, Players Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide, all version 3.5 have been sitting on my shelves for a number of years, untouched, if not a bit dusty. They are in excellent condition and I was planning to sell them but thought it would make for a better giveaway, or 3 giveaways, for any gamer who might have been looking for the 3.5 editions to add to their reference library.

The rules are simple, in the comments section simply retell a brief D&D encounter, adventure or battle, or simply share an image of a miniature that you painted, with a little background about it. Its that simple. Have fun with it. Only open to U.S. Residents. I'll choose 1 to 3 winners that are my favorite to be announced April 20th, wherein there I will contact said winner[s] for mailing information.


Karen said...

Set the stage: A dwarf, a fairy, a tree, and a talking bear are all questing to find a magic baking amulet. In a baking-wizard's cave.

After a brief encounter with falling fruitcake traps and a gingerbread men army, the party comes across an aboleth in a pool of green jello.

DM (me): Roll initiative.
Fairy: I got a 14
Dwarf: I got a 10
Bear: I... wanna seduce it.

Bear proceeds to seduce the jello-dwelling aboleth with a shamisen and serenade. Bear and the aboleth (Guinevere) are now in a committed long-distance relationship.

TLDR: My players are awesome.

Jayf said...

Karen, you have chosen...wisely. Thanks for your great, if slightly worrying, adventure recap. I will be in touch, the books are yours.

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