A Long Time Coming, reading Y THE LAST MAN volume by volume

Last weekend I was looking through my collection of comics trade paperbacks on my shelves, some of which I've read and others I have not, and I happened upon a series which I always intended to read and just never got around to it. Until now.

So, with great excitement I cracked open volume 1 of Y the Last Man just a few days ago and jumped right in. I've a few holes in my collection and was able to purchase volume 3 digitally, and borrow volume 5 from a friend. I'll likely buy these so that I have the whole trade paperback collection in print for the library.

It is just a few days later, and I'm midway through volume 5, and enjoying the series very much. 

Thought I should just report in, with that reading update. And if you're like me and haven't read this great series yet. It's not too late.


Kerry M said...

I just started the first volume this week! Someone suggested it to me because I was pining in between new volumes of Saga.

Speaking of, have you read Saga?

Jayf said...

I've read Saga, volume 1, and really liked it, just haven't gone back. BUT I'm really digging (albeit late) Y THE LAST MAN, just finished vol. 8 this morning, almost at the end...

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