My BEA 2012 Day 1 - Favorite item of the day

 My first day at Book Expo America was great fun. I worked with my fellow colleagues at the DK Publishing booth and when able, ran around to scout bound gallies and other giveaways. I ran into friends, old coworkers and business partners and saw several big name authors walking around (like John Grisham and Dennis Lehane).

I wanted to write about my favorite giveaway of the day, which Little Brown & Co. gave out promoting the new Lemony Snicket book. Instead of the tried and true tote bag (of which I did grab a few,  a side effect of working in the book world), LB was giving away this neat faux-leather briefcase, which zipped up and included a bunch of promotional items including a preview of the book, "Who Could That Be at This Hour?" with cover and scattered interior illustrations by renowned comic book illustrator, Seth. The case also included a calendar, pen--with sliding octopus feature--and a boxed bar of soap, with The Lost Arms imprinted on it.

It was one of the hot items of Day 1 of BEA, and I thought a really nice promotional package, and an important reminder to us all as we continue to plunge into the digital age, that it's still nice to see a publisher put together a really fun printed promotional kit. 

 I also grabbed a few books, which I'll talk about soon after I make it through day 2 (and 3) perhaps so that I can write up a whole post on the books I grabbed over the course of the show. Fun fun...

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