WFC 2011 in San Diego, a town I've only been in for Comic Con.

I attended the World Fantasy Convention in San Diego this past weekend. It was pure luck that I headed west while NYC was hit with a phantom Halloween weekend snowstorm. But sometimes lady luck is on your side. 

In attendance was guest of honor, Neil Gaiman; Lifetime Achievement award-recipient, Peter S. Beagle; and the lovely, Charlaine Harris, author of the best-selling Sookie Stackhouse series, what is not to love about WFC?

Not to mention a several of my tribe that flew out of Dodge (Neueva York, in this instance) to attend. A special thanks goes to soon-to-be-published, mil-fantasy writer, Myke Cole, for sharing accomidations with me, making it easier for us both to be in attendance. He was a gentleman and a scholar, except when he wasn't.

I was pleased to reconnect with friends not from my hometown, a second tribe of sorts, whom I've become friends with at past WFCs (this being my fourth, I missed the San Jose show 2 years back). It's been nice to continue that friendship via social media like facebook, twitter and our collective blogs. But it's much nicer to share a beer with them at a con party, hanging by the back door.

Then there are the new people I met, some of whom I only rec'd a quick introduction and a handshake, others like the ridiculously charming Brent and Kristi Weeks, I was lucky enough to share a meal and some hysterical stories with. They were a super cool couple, I'll be for some time relaying their story with Kristi's infamous line, "not no." [you had to be there]. I also literally walked into Pat Rothfuss, another incredibly nice guy, easy to talk to about fantasy and all things, whom I hadn't met before. We wound up joining a big group for lunch, and it was just one of those easy breezy things that happens at WFC.

I was able to attend a few panels covering topics such as "Timeless Literature: What Makes a Book a Classic" to others, like the one moderated by my WFC bloodbrother since 2007, Peter Brett, entitled:  "Out from Under the Bed: Monster as Protagonist," where Pete and his fellow panelists dished on what it was like to write a monster's perspective, or what went into humanizing monsters (or making monsters of humans...) It was a great way to launch the 4 day convention.

I perused the dealer room with my very good friend and co-worker at DK Publishing, Nancy L. who reveled along with me when we saw a DK book in the choc-full-o-books Dealer's Room. [More on that, and a new friend I made in the dealer's room to come.]

I also got a chance to see one Lauren K. Cannon, a magnificent artist, make her first official appearance in the Art Show, with several magnificent pieces (note: Lauren has worked with Peter from the very beginning, designing wards, and creating artwork for his website, and eventually most of the artwork for his Subterranean Press projects).  I think we've seen just the tip of the iceberg with her talent as an artist.

I stayed through the Awards Banquet [pics to come] as I've not hit that jaded point where I feel I don't need to go to the dinner anymore. I enjoy it and it reminds me of the Edgar Awards banquet I used to attend while working for the Mystery Guild. There is something very cool about gathering with so many like-minded individuals, celebrating the work that inspires, those that create it, and our little niche of the book world.

More to come, as I believe this is my re-entering the blogging world. Hip-hip hooray!


Kerry M said...

Glad to have you back!

Anonymous said...

Stumbled across your blog on my break today. Just wanted to say I greatly enjoyed your posts, especially your attention not just to literature but to the intersection of literature and other media.

I'll be spending my next break checking out Mulholland Books and the TS Spivet ebook app (and I agree, the Spivet hardcover really is made of awesome...more books ought to be sent out into the world with such loving detail).

Sounds like I missed a great conference in San Diego. Maybe one day I'll get to make it to one.

Jayf said...

Hey Tyler, thanks for stopping by and for your comment. The TS Spivet book is amazing, and I'm all about the crossover of tech and literature these days. All the best-

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