monday night rambling, ramblers.

Listening to Bad Religion while I pay bills and try to accomplish some freelance work.

Reading fantasy manuscript in PDF form on iPad, not so bad, with the multitasking I can jump to notepad, jot some quick notes then transfer my notes to reader report later on.

Oh, now Pearl Jam, I do love the shuffle. ("W.M.A." if you're wondering.)

Not sure if anyone even reads this blog anymore. And hell, I don't blame you, as I am an infrequenaut of blog activity.

I actually started writing a draft blog the other night about how in my world (and my buddy Joe's) when we were kids, Cobra worked with the Empire, storm troopers and Cobra soldiers in AT-ATs, Snake Eyes vs. Vader. Seriously. A Jedi-trained Snake Eyes is nothing to scoff at. (Still saved as draft, I might post some day.)

I particularly liked Firefly working with Boba Fett. My two favorites.

I digress.

Some more book reviews will be posted soon. A few manuscripts I've read recently are close enough to publication to write about them. I'd also like to write a review of a friend's play I saw (full disclosure, it's a friend and I liked it, so it's more of a discussion).

Anyway, I'm stalling. Back to work.

Look ma, no pictures in this post. Who would have thought.

One random commenter on this post will win a copy of book I did some copyediting work on. It's a snappy science fiction collection exclusive to a certain book club where I used to work.

Prove to me you're still out there. Shoot up a flare.

I'll end as Radiohead's "Reckoner" comes on. Nice.


Michael Offutt said...

I also read my manuscript in .pdf format on the iPad and make notes using the iPad application.

Roe said...

Hey, there's actually a post here! I thought my RSS feed was joking.

Boba Fett/Firefly? Jedi-trained Snake Eyes? Sign me up, that sounds awesome.

Jayf said...

Roe-you are totally right. A slacker I am (but doesn't my blog title hint at that anyway?).

Now you're in the running for the book giveaway (thanks for commenting). Hope the little guys are doing well!

Michael Offutt said...

Thanks for sending me the book! I really appreciate it. You need an update for your blog kind sir!

Jayf said...

Yes sir, you are correct. New post TK soon. I hope you like the book, it was my pleasure to send it.

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