My copy arrived: The Great Bazaar

If you've read this blog before, then you know I'm good friends with fantasy author, Peter V. Brett. This is something I'm very proud of, and in 2007 when I went off to try to be a freelance editor, Pete's writing career was just taking off. We hit the road, and convention circuit together, like two samurai, fighting the hordes back-to-back.

We originally met many years ago, early in our careers, while working in medical publishing. It may have been an X-Men calendar in my cubicle that started our conversation, I'm not sure, but we've been evil twins ever since. That's a photo of us from our first WFC, the 2007 World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga, NY, dressed all snazzy for the awards banquet.

Well, before his second novel, with Del Rey books, The Desert Spear, goes on sale in April (right around the corner), a small limited edition hardcover has just been released. A prize collection including his masterful novelette, The Great Bazaar, and snipped scenes not included in his debut novel, The Warded Man (released as The Painted Man abroad), beautifully combined with lots of other extras from Subterranean Press, including a glossary and grimoire, giving more detail and back story to the fantasy world Peter has created.

In full disclosure, being a close friend and publishing professional, I admit I had read an early draft of The Great Bazaar in miniature print booklet that Pete printed out for a few close friends way back when. I loved the story back then, a tale of Arlen on the road that a fan of The Warded Man can pick up, but also an aside, a story of adventure on the road that can be read first--in and of itself--or leading up to the second book in the series, The Desert Spear.

The folks at Subterranean Press did an impressive job with the compact hardcover, using the beautiful artwork of artist, Lauren Cannon, who has worked with Peter in the past. Note: a limited signed-and-numbered edition of this book is sold out, but the $20 trade edition is still available and a welcome compliment to any fantasy readers' book shelf.

My only gripe would have to be that I would have liked to see an illustration on the back cover, seemed like the only missed opportunity with the fine book design.

This book makes a great introduction to this vibrant fantasy world or a great bridge to Peter's second major novel due out next month. A grand adventure awaits. Don't forget your ward circle.

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Kerry said...

Wow, what a great cover. I [sheepishly!] admit that I still have to read Warded Man, but I do have a very nice galley copy procured by a friend just waiting to be read...

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