Book of Eli screenwriter interview on CBR

Another quick post related to the upcoming film, The Book of Eli, as it just keeps coming up as I read things online. And as I continue to remain impressed that this was an original screenplay, as learned in an interview at Comic Book Resources with screenwriter, Gary Whitta, which solidified my thoughts on the work.

Read the interview here. The article by CBR staff writer, Erik Amaya, tells some great details about Whitta selling the script, Denzel pretty much "protecting it" so that it was filmed very close to the original script written, and even Comic Con fans asking what graphic novel it was based on when teased last year with those fans being surprised to hear it was an original work, even in a time when adapted screenplays are all the rage in Hollywood. It is an interesting article worth checking out.

Oh, and books, I will get back to talking about them soon. Thing is, the last two books I read were of the "yet to be published" variety, so I can't really talk about them...yet. I'm currently reading the monstrosity that is Stephen King's Under the Dome--and loving it--but won't be done for a wee bit, but I plan to talk more about it here.

I'll also be reading more of the newer Stephen King-related comics and re-reading some older King titles, work related to my 2011 editorial project. Always exciting.

I also hope to post an updated attic library pictoral soon. It is coming along nicely. Still need a desk though...

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