The New York Times asks what is the future of e-reading...

In my new guise, I've been pondering the very same question that the Times reported on in their Technology section yesterday: here. What is the future of e-reading?

This question seems to be on everyone's mind working with ebooks of one kind or another. And I'm sure we'll soon see a convergence, as I discussed with a publishing contact of mine over lunch yesterday on 24th street.

Sure, a bookish fellow like myself will continue to buy actual books--and of course comic books. But I plan to walk in both worlds, reading digitally as well as carrying around printed  books as well.

I want to embrace the technology that will continue to usher us into a new era. And at the same time, keep an eye on the very objects that have been such a large part of my life--and which also take up a large amount of the space within my home.

The story continues...

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