Tim Akers signs with Pyr Books. Sweet!

I was stoked to read Lou Anders' post on facebook that he has signed up-and-coming fantasy author, Tim Akers' second novel, The Horns of Ruin to Pyr Books. Read all about it here [I also added the Pyr Books blog to my blogroll].

Like Lou, I've read an early version of Tim Akers' debut novel, Heart of Veridon, which will be coming out from Solaris books this Fall. I thought it was really something [although I must confess I was involved in working on a small aspect of the editorial development of this book], but am I wrong in wanting to tell people how much I liked it? I think not.

Let me just quickly also say that I met Tim last year at World Fantasy Con in Calgary and he is a hell of a nice guy and we talked videogames, Magic the Gathering, and other assorted nerdy things over dinner. Soon after I wound up coincidentally working on his book and really loved the world he created. It was fantastical, action packed, and the world ticked with a special mechanical hum. A great read if you're looking for something to sink your teeth into at the end of the summer when it releases.

I simply wanted to echo the great news here. Bravo Lou & Tim!

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