Packed house at MoCCA for European Comics Event

Last night’s event at the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) was terrific. It was a packed house, all in attendance to listen to the gifted European comics creators talk very personally about the books they’ve brought to life.

I was volunteering, working at the bar providing refreshments after the conclusion of all of the speeches, and even from my vantage point, you could see that all eyes and ears were tuned into the art of comics creation being spoken about. MoCCA also had large monitors spread out for those of us who weren’t in the main seating area, making it easy to see and listen to the slide shows the creators had prepared.

There were enlightening presentations from all of the creators. Check out Heidi MacDonald’s Publishers Weekly comics culture blog, The Beat, for the expert write up (and a much better photograph than mine of the signing afterwards). She also posts a link to one of the comic book trailers shown by German cartoonist, Isabel Kreitz, promoting her WW II Russian spy illustrated book, DIE SACHE MIT SORGE.

I had a brief chance to meet Isabel while doling out refreshments and told her how much I liked the look of her ambitious spy comic. She was humble, friendly and appreciative. That was the feeling overall at MoCCA last night. There was an air of appreciation of wonderful work from around the globe. The world felt a bit closer and maybe I’m just being sentimental but I really enjoyed it.

I also got a chance to reacquaint myself with some publishing industry professionals, as well as talk comics & film with the trusty other volunteers. Overall it was a great night and another reason why I think it’s important to donate time to a cause – and for me one of the passions of my life has been comics and that is why I was there.

Keep an eye on the MoCCA website as they have many upcoming events soon to be announced.

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