Just finished Fables, Vol. 10 [no spoilers]

Last night I finished volume 10 of FABLES. If you're not one of the lucky people already reading this amazing DC Comics / Vertigo title, you should find your closest book or comic store and pick up volumes one and two - at least - needless to say, you'll be hooked. How do I talk about this series without giving anything away? Let's see...I don't want to spoil it for anyone except to say that ten volumes in and I am still surprised at every turn. It is such an imaginative series filled with characters from all ends of folklore, fable and fairy tale..there is something in it for everyone.
It kills me that I was at San Diego Comic Con last year in a hotel room party hosted by none other than Bill Willingham himself and at that point I had just started reading the series. If I had only listened to my friend Cara (a former DC employee who first recommended the series to me) and started reading it earlier then maybe I could have picked Bill's brain or the brain of Mark Buckingham who was also in attendance...ah well. Maybe next time.
Last word - check this series out, it is really awesome.

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