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Amazing Finds [at Book Expo]: BATTLING BOY by Paul Pope and more

When I attended this year's Book Expo America about a month ago, one of my aims was to find graphic novels that I hadn't heard about. Although I'm always looking for books that I'd like, being a father has also changed the way I look for books, as I'm always building the bookshelf for my little guy.

I wasn't expecting to find a cool book like BATTLING BOY by Paul Pope, a book I really enjoyed, and something I know the little guy will dig when he gets a little older. That future book shelf just got a lot more awesome.

At "The New Graphic Novel" panel hosted by Calvin Reed--the comics man of Publisher's Weekly, sports aficionado and gentleman around town (seriously, this guy is everywhere) along with three comic book creators with new graphic novels coming out this Fall, discussed their projects. All had really cool books coming out, and I look forward to reading all of them. 

The three creators were Faith Erin Hicks (The Last of Us, Dark Horse), she c…